“a high quality, superbly produced, and completely on point website”

This is a classic case of building a beautiful website. Sabina Nawaz is one of the top CEO coaches in her industry. In fact, she’s built a global executive coaching business in 22 countries with companies worth more than $100 Billion – solely on word of mouth. She asked us to get her a website that would help take her to the next level.

Sabina had a website that she had invested in. She was moving out of the country and raising her profile and wanted a new site that would match her sensibility and position her at the highest strata of CEO coaches.

Lisa acted as executive producer for the project. She developed the branding, logotype, color palette, tagline, photographic brief and more. She directed the photo shoot, and hired the talent, and wrote nearly all the copy for the site.

The result was a website that helped showcase Sabina in the top echelon in her industry.

Lisa Dawes helped me take my business to the next level. It would be a gross misrepresentation if I said she merely helped me launch my website. Her work included so much more. It started well before the first line of code was written for the site by Lisa spending several hours understanding my client’s needs, business landscape, what I bring that is of significant value to my clients, and how best to represent it. She then served as the single point of contact and voice for a high quality, superbly produced, and completely on point website. This included:

  • Working with photographers, shoot location, and all aspects of the photo shoot to deliver high quality photos
  • Working with a web designer to iterate on a design that targeted my client group
  • Creating the appropriate voice and verbiage for the site
  • Setting in place the right backend technology to optimize the site’s location on searches

I am fortunate to have a successful executive coaching practice and, for many years, I have been loath to take the time away from client work to create a website. Hiring Lisa was one of the best decisions I made that ultimately delivers further value to my clients. I was able to continue my coaching practice while Lisa did all the hard work to launch the site. Now that the site is up, I have yet to come across someone who didn’t comment positively about it when they accessed it. It helps me efficiently communicate what I do and the impact I have on clients so that prospective clients can decide whether or not they want to select me as their executive coach.

Sabina Nawaz, CEO Coach

Tim -

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