“Within two days of his work we were seen on the front page.”

Seattle Paint and Drywall is a service organization that serves a large geographical area. They’re located in the north end of the Puget Sound and serve most of the included communities.

It can be challenging to reach a large area on a targeted budget. They had worked with other SEO companies before we met. An analysis of their campaigns showed a common weakness – chasing keywords that are too broad and untargeted. We suggested they focus first on search terms they could rank for quickly and that could bring in significant traffic.

We rewrote some copy on their site and re-optimized the site to target the new keywords. With some focused promotion, the results came quicker than we hoped. We not only got SPND on page 1, we got them second position (against 8,700,000 competing webpages) above the Google Places pages.

I am the senior marketing agent for the company name of Seattle Paint and Drywall. We were not being easily found on the front page. We had worked with other agencies and had paid allot of money to get first page placement and had no positive results.

Within two days of his work we were seen on the front page. We are very satisfied with Tim’s abilities and his proven results I would highly recommend his services.

Tim Fike, Executive Marketing Agent

Seattle Paint and Drywall

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