“converted 9.8% of their list into buyers and generated a 210.4% return on investment.”

Troy Hunter and Geof Miller are the writers behind Hunter Miller Productions. Not only are they talented writers – having captured first place at the Austin Film Festival in 2011 – they are also masters at working the new economic paradigm in Hollywood.

They’ve developed a methodology that allows them to turn pitch fests – those conference-sized gatherings that used to be hit or miss for writers – into a reliable machine for getting “read requests” from Hollywood producers. They’ve become so adept, in fact, that statistically they get a read request every time they down at a table.

They asked us if we could help them package their expertise, find a direct way to reach their market (aspiring screen writers), and create a sales funnel.

The result was “Irresistible Pitching”, a ground breaking system for launching a writing career. We helped them package their expertise, found a list to sell it to, shot their videos, and created a four step sales funnel including a ads, and three follow up videos. In it’s initial run, the sales funnel converted 9.8% of their list into buyers and generated a 210.4% return on investment.

Can I add “Good Value,” “On Time,” “High Integrity,” and “Creative” to the list of attributes that describe Tim? Tim recently worked with us to launch a new online instructional product, advising us on everything from testing the product name to optimizing the purchase conversion funnel. Not only does he know his stuff and deliver results, he’s great fun to work with.

Geof Miller, Co-Founder Hunter Miller Productions
Irresistible Pitching

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