Increase Your Opt-In Rate by 10% in 60 seconds

“We HATE spam as much as you do.”

You’ve seen the phrase hundreds of times. It’s the stock phrase we all use under the opt-in box on our sites.

Not anymore.

Eric Graham has released data from testing he’s done over the years on opt-in and the stock phrase “We HATE spam” turns out to be a loser. It’s actually hurting your opt-in rates rather than helping them.

So what works better?

Try: “We respect your privacy. You can unsubscribe at any time.”

Frankly, nothing at all outperforms “We HATE spam”


Sometimes it doesn’t help to guess. If you pressed me, I’d say it’s because reminding people of the possibility of spam is a bit of a turn off whereas reminding them of easy unsubscribing is a benefit.

Tim’s Takeaway:

Take a minute and change your privacy policy statement on your opt-in and what ch your subscriptions soar.

Tim -

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