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H Kris,
Here is your video evaluation.

Click on the Pause || symbol in the middle of the video. It will take 2-3 minutes to start playing. The double bar will turn into the normal Play triangle when it’s ready to run. On the bottom right of the video player, you’ll see a “full-screen” button that will look like four boxes. That will expand the video. It will get a little grainy but you’ll be able to see it better. Click on the video to pause. Click on it again to resume.

I see that you have a good system and as far as I can tell. You haven’t gotten traction with the search engines yet. I think there is a promotion strategy for you. I’d recommend creating themed silos of information using a blog. That will let you the cast the widest net while keeping your keyword groups internally relevant. That may sound like a lot of jargon. I think the video will be clearer.

You’ll also want to tighten up your website, so that it focuses on benefits you deliver. See the video for examples.

Finally, here’s an example of the authorship strategy we’re talking about applied in your niche.


Let me know if you have any questions.


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