Mobile Computing – What will rule?

Jay Highley has a nice piece in Mobile Commerce Daily saying that folks who create apps for the mobile platform are missing the point. And he’s right. Using the mobile platform as a squished down version of a pc platform is a good start. But it certainly comes no where near to the promise of mobile computing.

It’s a good article as far as it goes. And it raises the issue of what the new big apps will be.

There are indications though. Mobile devices, for example, make tv watching more interactive. The exemplar is using your mobile phone to vote on American Idol. And other apps are gaining ground. Of course you can now use your mobile phone to scan in a bar code at Target and find out if the Fred Meyers down the street is offering a better price on your favorite shampoo. That’s getting closer to the potential of the mobile platform.

There some chap whose figured out that you can use mobile phones to manage the waiting queue at restaurants and theme parks.

So if you want to know where the money will be in mobile computing, think about what mobile can deliver that nothing else can. That means apps that deliver wyw3 “what you want, where you want, when you want it” . Find out how to deliver that in a way that’s relevant for your product or service, and you’ll own mobile computing.

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