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The Business Formula – Discover what determines how much revenue you’ll make this year

How marketing on the internet triples your return compared to traditional advertising …

How internet search drives revenue three different ways …

Imagine marketing to only your most profitable leads. How the internet enables you to slash costs and increase leads

Why your current website drives your best leads to your competition

How you can level the playing field and get results like the big corporations using internet marketing…

How to measure your return on marketing investment …

How you can cut your marketing risk virtually to zero using internet marketing …

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Excerpt from the report…

Are you currently paying for advertising in local directories, Yellow Pages and Google Adwords? Do you know how many direct leads you got through this type of marketing? Do you know what your Return On Investment (ROI) is on this type of broad marketing? These are all strategic marketing questions you should be asking.

Why do you have a website in the first place? I guess it is because you want more sales leads. Does your existing site do that and do you know what search phrases or keywords attract them to your site?

Well, a Sapient survey in 2007 found that 38% of online marketers ranked online search as their #1 marketing channel for providing ROI with e-mail marketing second at 24% and digital advertising at 15%.

According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI from email marketing in 2008 was $45.06 for every dollar spend whilst direct offline marketing had an ROI of just $15.55 for ever dollar invested. (Source: The Power of Direct Marketing Economic Study 2008 by the Direct Marketing Association).