Exactly Where the Opportunities are for Getting Massage Customers in Brooklyn

Here’s a step-by-step analysis of the Brooklyn market for massage and how to break into it or rank better if you’re in it already. You’ll see two things:

  1. First, there’s opportunity in the market. In fact, if you’re not in Brooklyn, it’s still worthwhile taking this kind of look at your local market. Massage is an area that is often underdeveloped from an internet marketing standpoint.
  2. Second, web promotion isn’t a black art, or a black box. You don’t have to blindly buy someone’s promotion package. If they have the tools and know what they’re doing, a good internet marketing firm will be able to show you what they recommend you go after and why. You should expect that level of thoroughness.

Note: If you’d like an analysis like this for your business, drop me a line at info@effectivewebmarketing.net. I’ve done analyses like this for several massage therapists on our list as well as businesses ranging from civil engineering firms, to medical device manufacturers to one-man law firms. I’ll do one for you in exchange for a recommendation on LinkedIn.

It may take 2-3 minutes to start playing depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection. The double bar will turn into the normal Play triangle when it’s ready to run. On the bottom right of the video player, you’ll see a “full-screen” button that will look like four boxes. That will expand the video. Click on the video to pause. Click on it again to resume.

Here’s a step-by-step process for figuring out what the big keywords are.

This is how you can find out what your site is optimized for and roughly why. It surprises most people to know that even if they haven’t optimized their site, Google often thinks it’s optimized for something. I did an analysis for a project management consultancy, for example. Google thought they were a janitorial firm.

Here’s the lowdown on what it would take to get into “spa brooklyn” – no guesswork.

Here’s the analysis for “massage brooklyn”. You’ll see you could go after both if you have budget or start with massage if you are limited to begin with.

We’re not done. Once you get people to your site, you need to keep them from clicking away. Here’s the key to doing that. DON’T tell them what you do or what you’re good at (that makes you look like everyone else). Tell them what you do differently.

Now it’s your turn!

Find out with confidence what your business opportunities are and how to take advantage of them. Email me at info@effectivewebmarketing.net and I’ll create a personalized opportunity analysis for you in exchange for a testimonial on LinkedIn.

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