Thanks for your contributions to the Forum, for engaging me, and for teaching me something.

Here’s a little something in return. I’ll be launching it this week. It’s free to you with no opt0in.

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Niche Buster Traffic Machine

Click the title or image to download. No opt-in.





It’s all about:

  1. Traffic for cheap – as little as 3 cents a click.
  2. Loads of traffic – hundreds or thousands of clicks a DAY.
  3. Very targeted traffic, in fact you can target the same phrases you’d target using adwords.
  4. In very competitive markets. You can do this in dating, or relationship markets, weight loss, and more. You’ll see below that I’m getting very cheap traffic on keywords that would be extremely expensive to buy on adwords.
  5. From very high quality sources. I get traffic from the likes of CNN, Slate, and other brand name sites.
  6. With a way to learn quickly the kind of offer that would most appeal to your market.

Here’s what the WSO will give you:

  • A source of very high quality traffic for literally pennies a click.
  • A simple way to identify a great niche.
  • 4 sources that will give you topics that are hot, or evergreen, and controversial, that people want to read about.
  • 3 guidelines for writing headlines that are proven to work in tests including thousands of headlines.
  • 3 templates for headlines so you can get a running start.
  • A super powerful but little known technique for testing headlines so you get the absolute greatest amount of traffic for the lowest price possible!
  • A way to use headline tests to learn more about the kinds of offers you can make that will be most attractive to your market.

I hope this is really valuable for you.


Thanks for your great contributions on Warrior Forum,


What’s coming next:

1. A way to use this technique to drive lots of low cost traffic to very high value adsense ads.

2. A way to use this technique to generate high value offline leads at a very low cost.









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