Where are the Hot Spots on Landing Pages?

It’s generally accepted that you have 3-5 seconds to engage a visitor once they’ve arrived at your website. You want to position yourself as important or make a compelling offer.

But where are they looking?

It might not be the most obvious question, but it can be critical. And there’s probably no definitive answer. Or rather there are different answers for different webpage layouts. But here’s a start.

It’s a “heatmap” Google created to advise advertisers where to locate Adsense advertising blocks. And there’s not a chance someone will click on advertising if they’re not looking where it’s located on the webpage. So this map gives you a crude sense of where to locate your important messages.

The darker the color, the more responsive browser’s have been to ad blocks.


Tim’s Takeaway:

Even on your webpage, the performance of a feature is often affected by location. It’s worth your while to test.

Tim -

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